Someday, I will grow old with wrinkles on my face
So would you love me and keep my smile with same grace?

Someday, I will be weak and will not be able to race
So would you walk along with me joyfully at my pace?

Someday, I will not be economically beneficial to you
So would you respect me like as a child you used to do?

Someday, I will need you to sit and talk about your days
So would you share and implement my old but experienced ways?

Someday, I will start forgetting very common things and name
So would you be patient and make me remember like an exciting game?

Someday, I will cry out my heart and put my head on your shoulder
So would you be empathetic and voluntarily keep on like a good listener?

Someday, I will go to the bed and next day I may not wake
So would you promise till that day this bond will not break?