Dear Anger,

It’s been so long that you have stayed with me, I don’t know why and when we got so close to you that you actually became part of me. You became an uninvited friend. You made me so infamous.

What an irony, you were so close to me and you were also the reason for taking away my closed ones. My family and friends were so afraid of talking to me. You started very low but after many years you have reached at the peak. You overloaded me with stress, anxiety, and fear. You completely conquered my thinking ability. You kept on ruining me in every possible way but most important my relationships.  You made me believe that by getting Angry on people, nobody would go against me and it actually happened .So, barely they used to  come to me as they didn’t have any idea on which matter I would get angry and shout at them. They would try to avoid the conversation with me.I don’t remember, when was the last time we laughed. I used to get angry even at the little things which I could have just ignored. I didn’t realize it until recent evening, when my little daughter came to me and asked to get a toy for her,I was on a call. I got angry on her and raised my hand on her. Her little cheeks became red within no time. That moment was so horrible and I started hating myself even more.

Now, I have realized that one cannot be angry all the time. Anger, is also a temporary feeling and it can be controlled by ignoring or avoiding little things. After all, it just provides negativity to the person itself, as well as, bitterness in the relationship.

So, I have promised myself to control my anger, no matter what!

It would take some time. But, I would definitely throw you out of my life and get back the control of my life.

Yours Truly,

Changed Friend


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