Being A Volunteer Is Awesome

I was on a holiday with my family and we were there at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India on the eve of Mahashivratri (Festival celebrated in honor of lord Shiva) which was on 24th February, this year. People were present there in tens of thousands, first time for me to witness such a huge crowd. People from all walks of life were present there, not only from India but from 30 other countries also. But the best part was everyone was given equal treatment irrespective of their status or class.

So, this function was mainly handled by volunteers,starting from registrations, stay arrangement, fooding, parking, security etc.

So, on 23rd Feb, I was present at the lunch venue, a huge ground. There were around 20 sections, each section with four people, each serving a different dish. It was a south Indian meal, consisting of  Rice, Sāmbhar, Rasam and a salad. The meal was so delicious. I decided to volunteer in the fooding section. I joined at the Rasam section.

In south-India, they call Akka (sister) and Anna (brother).So, every time people coming with plates in their hand, they were saying, “Akka, Rasam”. Initially, I just went there with intent of serving food. But, with every serving a sense of happiness was emerging within me and it was priceless. People, who were so unknown to me, were smiling at me. So, after few serving, it was like my smile had gone stuck on my face. People from foreign didn’t know about Rasam, so I was also giving them little details. People were enjoying the meal so much that they were coming back also. So, this experience at lunch gave me immense pleasure.

Later, in the dinner time, I didn’t planned but I couldn’t stop myself and again, I joined the other volunteers in fooding section. This time, I joined at Kesari section, an orange colored sweet dish in south India. I also, heard this name for the first time. I guess the name was justified by its color also. Butter was easily visible floating on the top.

This time, I served even a huge amount of people in comparison to lunch. But, there was this foreign guy whom I served in the lunch also; he again came at my section surprisingly. Like the lunch time, this time also, he asked the same question, “Does it contain oil or butter”? I replied,” Yes”. He smiled and took a spoonful of Kesari. It continued for around 4 hours with volunteers swapping within them to let the tire one get some relax.

So, this was my first, I guess, but the most memorable event as a volunteer. The experience was so good. That day, I realized doing selflessly for others without expecting anything can even give you so much of happiness.

So, at least once experience being a volunteer and enjoy this awesome feeling of offering your service to others selflessly.

Please do share your experiences.




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